Tuesday, August 26, 2003


Welcome to the first edition of The Real OC. Inspired from the editorial site Orange Juice by Art Pedroza, I offer a different perspective, a more Liberal perspective to life in Orange County and California. In this issue I will discuss the recall election. I will also be revealing the Archie Bunker of the week, the Only In Orange County of the Week, the Quote of the Week, and Song of the Week.

Stop the Recall:Descent Into Madness

Since my first editorial a lot has taken place in this recall madness. We watched as California descended into a state of madness as candidates joined the race that made our state the laughing stock of the world. We watched as watermelon smasher Gallagher entered the race. We watched as washed up child actor Gary Coleman entered the race. We watched as porn star Mary Carey entered the race. We watched as smut peddler Larry Flynt entered the race. We watched as billboard model Angelyne entered the race. And we watched a Vienese body builder enter the race, Arnold Schwarzenegger. The scary part, the Vienese body builder has a real shot to become our Governor.

This state has always been known for its rather unorthodox trends. Usually those have been pinned on the Liberals of this state. This time the sole responsibility for this madness falls on Darrell Issa and the Conservatives. In their thirst for power, they are attempting to sieze offices they cannot win in a regularly scheduled election. So next time you run into a Conservative, thank them for making this great state the laughing stock of the world.

Now onto the Vienese body builder. I am still waiting for a clear stand on the issues. No one seems to know, and it is showing with the polls that Californians can only stay "star struck" for so long. It is safe to say he will not be in charge of California if he wins. The real Governor of California will be none other than Pete Wilson. From the first weekend after Arnold announced his candidacy it has been clear the Pete Wilson has been the puppetmaster.

Arnold talks about cleaning house, yet he is preparing to let the biggest rat of them all back into the Capital. Pete Wilson is the perfect example of a career politician bought by special interests. This was the Governor who scapegoated an entire ethnicity of people to win re-election. This was the Governor who brought is deregulation which led to the energy crisis. This was the Governor who got rid of the eight hour work day which led to mass exploitation of hard working Californians. I am dedicated to stopping this from happening, from stopping the return of Pete Wilson.

We need to stop these rediculous power grabs. Throughout recent California history, the Republicans have used the recall to sieze power. In 1995, when the Republicans narrowly controlled the State Assembly, they attempted to recall two Democratic Legislators(Mike Machado and Debra Bowen) who had won close elections the previous year. The logic was that since the elections were so close, voters who could not make it to the polls in the previous election deserved a second chance to vote. The voters were not fooled, Debra Bowen's recall attempt failed to make the ballot, while Machado overwhelmingly defeated his enemies. The Republicans underestimated the intelligence of the voters then and we most show that they still underestimate our intelligence now. The Republicans not only underestimate our intelligence, they insult it with this recall.

Spread the word, and show the power hungry fat cats that we will not be fooled, we will not be bamboozled. VOTE NO on the recall and YES for Cruz Bustamante.

Archie Bunker of the Week

The winner of the Archie Bunker of the week is Santa Ana resident Debbie McEwen. She wins the innaugural Archie Bunker of the week with her posts on message boards claiming how Latinos are somehow responsible for all the code enforcement violations. Of course when called out for her racial bias, she plays the victim of being white trash. I can tell you all, I have seen her home, and although her house is kept up nice, her garage, back yard and the rotting suburban make her property look like something out of Cops in Nashville. First is a post by me to set up her racist tirade. Congratulations Debbie McEwen, the first Archie Bunker of the week.

(This was my original post)
If you feel this is the beginning of the end of the United States, welcome to the group of generations of Americans who felt that the next wave of immigration was the "end of the United States as we know it." The United States will continue to endure, our flag will continue to wave proud tomorrow and for many years to come. There will be no "Reconquista", there will be no Latino takeover. Stop trying to resist and try living side by side with everyone. The American way of life is not going away, it is simply evolving. Don't fight it, embrace it.

(This is Archie's I mean Debbie's response)
After reading your last post I am once again shocked and amazed at your
concept of life in Santa Ana, and what those of us who live here should not
only settle for but actually embrace. I would enjoy meeting up with you to discuss
this futher. I'm sure Ray and Julie would join me. Bring some friends along if
you can find anyone else who thinks your way. You need a reality check, it is
so obvious by your posts you haven't a clue what it's all about here.Let's make
a date,I'll drive you around neighborhoods populated by this majority you want us to covet. It should be daytime so you can really appreciate the endless grinding battle that code enforcement fights on a daily basis. You know I could
go on and on but the ball is in your court.

Debbie McEwen
French Park

(Great response to her by a good friend)
I woke up one morning hearing about President Bush, Colin Powell, and Dick Cheney, and the U.S. involved in armed conflict in Iraq, and an old Mariah Carrey song. I thought it was 1991. Instead, it was 2003 with the only flashback being the Mariah Carrey song. As I read the posts on this group today, I hear about "this group" and the horrible things they are doing in Santa Ana, and I hear Elvis on the radio. It's not the 1950's, after all, I am reading this on the
internet via my personal computer, but the posts on this group sure sound like it.

"This group" that you speak of has probably violated many codes that are on the books in the City of Santa Ana. Have you, as their neighbor, ever directly spoken to them about it? Or did you run inside your home and call the City anonymously?

Here is a crazy concept: put yourself in "their" shoes. If you had no access to education, health care, and other basic services for most of your life, and your current main concerns are to survive off of below minimal wages and to protect yourself from the surrounding criminal element, would you care if your fence was 6 inches over the code allowed height?

Someone from French Park is not happy. Did "this group" stuff the ballot box in French Court? Of course not, they did not have the opportunity to. For every code violation you find against "this group", I'll bet somebody can find something similar on a residence of a "native" Santa Ana resident. Please take into consideration the numbers from "this group" versus the "natives", so allow for a
reasonable handicap.

So, what is the problem? If your biggest issue is code violations from "this group", then be thankful. At least you don't have the same issues to worry about as many from "this group" have to. And to think they actually wash your dishes, mow your lawns, and keep many of the fruits and vegetables you eat at a reasonable rate.

There are some "native" Santa Ana residents who were not denied the opportunity to education, but for some awful reason, they sure act like it. In case you might wake up and think it's an era that thankfully is long gone, let me remind you, it is 2003, not 1953.

(This is her response, Like Archie whining about how "hard" she has to work)
After reading ? congrats to ? for slamming me I just couldn't resist. I know my friends will think I'm nuts for bothering to explain my situation, especially after Jon Gotholds wonderful post describing the REAL people of French Park but I'm going to clarify a few things with folks like Phil who think all of us here in French Park somehow live the perfect life.

I'm a horse trainer/riding instructor
I'm self employed sole propriator ,if something happens to me NO WORK NO MONEY
Depending on the season I work 40, 50 , 60 hour weeks/ Pay stays the same
I work outside ,all seasons no air conditioning no heater
I pay $465.00 a month for my individual health insurance
I make payments on a big beautiful house because the divorce court granted it
to me
I mow my own lawns
I clean my own house
I wash my own truck
Twice a year I crawl on the third story roof and clean the gutters etc etc etc I think Phil, and the rest of you get my point I work as hard as any day
laborer and I'm damned sick and tired of you people trying to make me feel guilty or sorry for those poor folks having to do strenous tasks for minimum wage. THAT'S

Debbie McEwen
French Park

(I should have her say it in person with a violinist in the backgroud. Well congrats again to Debbie, Archie Bunker of the week.)

Only In Orange County

Well it is a short one this week. A letter to the editor in the OC Register in which this ultraconservative whines about Peter Ueberroth saying kind words about Senator Feinstein. God forbid a Republican give a Democrat a compliment. He should burn in the dephths of hell for this. This is just the type of narrowmindedness we confront everday in THE REAL OC. Enjoy the letter.

Peter Ueberroth says that Sen. Dianne Feinstein is "the best senator I've known" ["Ueberroth takes the middle ground," Aug. 23]. I was considering him for governor, but I'm now going to vote for McClintock.

Pat Flynn Jr.

Yorba Linda

Quote of the Week
"Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about the things that matter."
Martin Luther King Jr.

Song of the Week
You Haven't Done Nothing by Stevie Wonder
(Oringinally dedicated to Richard Nixon, but appropriate for another Republican President)

We are amazed but not amused
By all the things you say that you'll do
Though much concerned but not involved
With decisions that are made by you

But we are sick and tired of hearing your song
Telling how you are gonna change right from wrong
'Cause if you really want to hear our views
"You haven't done nothing"!

It's not too cool to be ridiculed
But you brought this upon yourself
The world is tired of pacifiers
We want the truth and nothing else

And we are sick and tired of hearing your song
Telling how you are gonna change right from wrong
'Cause if you really want to hear our views
"You haven't done nothing"!

Jackson 5 join along with me say
Doo doo wop - hey hey hey
Doo doo wop - wow wow wow
Doo doo wop - co co co
Doo doo wop - naw naw naw
Doo doo wop - bum bum bum
Doo doo wop

We would not care to wake up to the nightmare
That's becoming real life
But when mislead who knows a person's mind
Can turn as cold as ice un hum

Why do you keep on making us hear your song
Telling us how you are changing right from wrong
'Cause if you really want to hear our views
"You haven't done nothing"!

Tuesday, August 12, 2003

Quote of the Week

Don't be fooled by their (Christian Coalition Republicans) moral pieties. These people have on true religion -- tax cuts. And they follow one golden rule: Those with the gold make the rules.
-Arianna Huffington

Monday, August 11, 2003

This was my first editorial on the recall, before the circus of last week really got going. Get ready for my second editorial coming soon.


Welcome everyone. This month I was going to begin my
monthly e-mail blasting Bush on the issues and
encouraging the election of a Progressive Democrat in
2004. That has been put on hold until November, as
more a more dire situation has been brought to the
forefront. The recall of GRAY DAVIS.

I will be the first to admit I am not happy with the
job he has done. But lets take a look at the reasons
for recall and how erroneous this whole process really
is. The recall was part of the Progressive Movement in
the early 20th Century. It was used as a means to get
corrupt polticians who were controlled by special
interests out of office and give power back to the
people. That is no longer the case. Instead special
interests have found a way to circumvent that process
from the people.

This whole recall is happening because ONE MAN has
financed the process of collecting signatures to get a
recall on the ballot. That man is Darrell Issa. Issa
is so power hungry, he could not wait until a
regularly scheduled election to make a bid for the
Governorship legitimately. Instead he put in 2.3
Million of his estimated 300 Million dollars to
finance this effort which is now estimated to cost
California taxpayers 70 Million Dollars. So
essentially one person with more wealth than the
common populace can fund an effort to overturn a legal
election and bill the common populace for his power
hungry rage. My friends this is not Democracy, its an
Oligarchy and has turned into the nightmare our
Founding Fathers feared when they wrote the
Constitution in 1787. The recall process needs to be
reformed to ensure the power stays with the people,
not the rich.

All of the accusations against Davis are based on a
recession this entire country is going through not on
any unethical or illegal activity on his part, which
was the original idea of the recall. Everyone
complains how Davis squandered a surplus into a 38
Billion Dollar Deficit, but might I remind you all
that Bush has squandered a surplus from Clinton and
turned it into a 400 Billion Dollar Deficit. The
difference, all analysts say California's deficit
should start to improve and get smaller next year,
while Bush's deficit is expected to grow for the next
four years.

Gray Davis has done nothing to deserve a recall. What
is going on here in California is true madness. While
working on the anti-recall campaign, I ran into
Republican Party Activists and some of the words that
came out of their mouths disgusted me. One referred to
a female recall opponent as a (excuse the language
please)"fucking whore", another accused me of being
gay because "only gays would support GAY DAVIS",
another claimed the Davis will import more illegal
aliens to vote for him, and another said we would be
better off with a Republican Dictatorship and wished
God would just rid all the Liberals from the Earth.
These are the people who want to remove Gray Davis and
run California. DO you think they promote the values
of Democracy our Founding Fathers established? Well I
ask you to think twice before voting to remove Gray
Davis. VOTE NO ON THE RECALL, and vote to ensure a
Progressive or Semi-progressive choice gets the
governorship in the case he is removed from office.

Sunday, August 10, 2003

Welcome everyone to my new commentary site, THE REAL OC. All of you are probably used to my famous "Only in Orange County" forwards I have been sending out. Well now you can see all my editorials on one site. This site will focus on Orange County issues as well as state and federal issues, from a Liberal's point of view. A special thanks to Art Pedroza for informing me of this site. Who says a Conservative never helps a Liberal. I hope everyone enjoys THE REAL OC, there wil be plenty more to come.

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